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Izvan mreže 
PostPostano: 21 tra 2017, 21:07 

Pridružen: 01 lis 2015, 16:45
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Xpeed lx3 openBH 1.0.9 UNOFFICIAL


i have built this image for the blackhole fans out there from open source.

There is no support from the blackhole teams so DO NOT go on there forums asking for help as none will be given.

This image is for the LX3 boxes only. It WILL NOT work on any other models, if i get a chance i may build for other models too....

I have run some basic tests only....

Sat channels scanned and work on 28.2east (did not test cable but should work as well)

network works

openwebif works

remote control works (obviously)

As this box is unsupported, the plugin download feed is not working.... However if you edit the /etc/opkg .conf files and replace "inihdp" and "xpeedlx3" with "vuduo2" (they are the same chipset) it will work.

Its a first build, so would ONLY EXPERIENCED users please report issues, i will ignore the "how do i flash my box " posts


tordijal T-90 multifeed 0.8w,4.8e,9e,13e,16e,19.2e,23.5e,28e,39e ( polaris )

VU UNO 4K OpenPLI 4.0
GI Xpeed lx class s2 OpenESI 4.0

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